Minggu, 19 September 2010

Life's designed to kill (and I've killed)

"Hey life, can you be any better? I'm sick of living. Wait for me to grow up, you can hurt me then."
Sooner or later everybody will die, but I've killed long time ago. Love & life, they're the best killer ever, I've killed by them. Sometimes I think how to get a better life, but emptiness always haunt me.

terkadang kalian berpikir bahwa kehidupan gak bakal lebih baik daripada "ini" tetapi sebenarnya "ini" bukanlah kehidupan sebenarnya yang akan kalian dapat. Think positive and keep alive mungkin satu-satu nya cara untuk menjadi lebih baik daripada ini. Aku mencoba untuk berjalan sendiri tanpa halangan tapi terkadang halangan terbesar adalah diriku sendiri. Myself is my biggest fear, I've tried to life without it but sometimes this fear came in and came out. It comes over and over, no one could stop it. OH GOD I'M DYING HERE! PLEASE HELP :(

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