Rabu, 05 Mei 2010

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I'm back but nothing at all.

to much story and all is different now
all about my life, my frinds, my boyfriend, and my mind

first! it's so, so, and so far from my life before. it's too different and no more chance to make it change, by the way tomorrow will be my first goal. wish me can pass this junior high school, guys.

second! Aha! it's too secret.....*#%^$@*

third! I had a new boyfriend, 1 month I had passed with him. hope us can long last

fourth! MY BAND! I joined "mother scream" and I still love "VERSHA" it both my life :)

fifth! my mind is too slow for thinking. "ARGH" it's too much different.

but so far, I love my job, my life, my band, my boyfriend, my friends. OH EVERYTHING

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